Present and Future Vocation

Sunday Services:

Holy Eucharist
9:45AM Holy Eucharist Rite 2
"Train yourself spiritually" - 1 Timothy 4:8

Church of the Resurrection strives to be a Christ-centered expression of the family of God, nourished by Spirit-filled worship and ministries that impact, challenge, and empower people of all ages to serve one another in a spirit of community, stewardship, and outreach. Jesus Christ, companion, Risen Lord, and Savior is the life-giving center of this community. The Eucharist is our font of nourishment, where, with Jesus, we offer the Father praise and worship. We experience Christ’s love and presence in our community and we seek in our next five years to develop groups and ministries, through  which we feed and nurture each other and the city we live in. We are a community  seeking to embody a spirituality of  stewardship, sharing our time, treasure and giftedness with each other and the world. We believe that through our Baptism, each of us is blessed with gifts of the Spirit to be used for the common good and the Glory of God. We are seek to be a  welcoming, evangelizing community, striving to be accepting and inclusive of all people. We are a community who feels strongly about outreach, ministering to the victims of society’s hurts and injustice with the resources God has blessed us with. Community of the Resurrection is a gathered people seeking to respond to the mandate of Jesus’ Great Commission.

Within the context of the Society of Mission, the Florida Network and the Partner Bishops of the Anglican Communion  and the people of the Church of the Resurrection, Tampa, this Pastoral Plan is put forward to help us in our baptismal call to evangelize in Word and witness.

The statements that follow are the result of discussions that were held during in 2016-2017. They are effectively  "preferred future" images intended to inform, but not limit, the understanding and planning of how each vocation mark may be carried out in action steps during the years ahead. Planning and implementing action steps for these priorities will be determined by the Clergy, Staff, Vestry, and Ministry Teams.  

  1. A  Call to Become A Community of Christ-Centered Worship -We have many forms of Christ-centered worship that connect people to each other and to God. 
  2. A Call to Become a Community of Mission (Outreach, Evangelism) We seek to equip COTR to be the church in meaningful, diverse ways, for all wherever they are in the world, constantly being mindful that the church exists for those not yet a part of it.
  3. A Call to Become a Community  Open to All (Our Stewarding of Resources) Our physical space is to be actively used by all as a vivid proclamation of Christ to the world.
  4. Call to Be A Community of Care -We seek to build a Christ-centered community that renews, nurtures, supports, and communicates with all who are in its midst, as we recognize and celebrate the multiple ways people serve the church.
  5. A Call to be A Community of Formation and Renewal: Church of the Resurrection seeks to increase and deepen its efforts at evangelization, catechesis, and Christian  formation, awakening and deepening people’s faith in Jesus Christ, inviting and enabling them to responsible membership in the Body of Christ, the Church.


This Pastoral Vision contains a lot of dreaming and visioning for the people of this community. The members of this parish deserve a great deal of credit and thanks for the time and energy they have spent in sharing their ideas over the past four months. This plan is not perfect, but with this plan will make a big difference as we strive to meet the challenges as a parish of Mission and Apostolic Works.

We meet these challenges through our Shared Values.

Our hope is that you will embrace and share the vision. Come and help us now to bring this vision to reality. What an exciting time in the history of our world as we help to create the church of the future.